Krix Volcanix Slim Subwoofer

Experience the exhilarating power of the Krix Volcanix Slim Subwoofer! With its slim design, immersive low-frequency effects, and impressive 450-watt RMS amplifier, this subwoofer takes your audio to new heights, bringing movies, music, and games to life with thunderous bass.

Sale price$2,345.00

Krix Volcanix Slim Subwoofer

Enjoy the tremendous power of low-end frequency effects with the Krix Volcanix Slim, a dedicated home cinema subwoofer. Revel in the remarkable depth and detail of car chases, explosions, and earthquakes, while also benefiting from an enhanced bass performance and tonal precision to sense the intensity of a rock show or the strings of a symphony.

Equipped with the same bass driver and Class D amplifier as its acclaimed Volcanix predecessor, the Volcanix Slim has been reengineered to fit seamlessly into acoustically transparent screens or thin false baffle walls.

The integrated ICEpower® class D amplifier offers 450 watts RMS, while the 305mm bass driver has a large 50mm long throw voice coil, designed to reproduce low frequencies. Featuring two large downward-facing vents with 40% greater area than the Volcanix, the Volcanix Slim boasts enhanced bass output when the volume is increased.

Its front-located control panel, complete with LED display, facilitates simple settings while Krix's proprietary rubber feet facilitate acoustic isolation on both hard and soft flooring. It can be acquired with or without a front grille, depending on whether it is necessary to hide it behind an acoustically transparent screen or be put on show. 


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