Krix Phonix On Wall Speakers

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Krix Phonix On Wall Speakers (Pair)

For a full-theatre sound without taking up too much space, the Phonix utilises Krix's wedge-shaped design from its commercial cinema surround speakers, allowing it to be placed high on the wall, providing precise auditory coverage to each seated listener.

Featuring on wall side and rear surround sound, Krix's Phonix boasts high power handling capabilities with a low frequency extension of 45Hz. 

The bass driver features a 165mm diameter combined with a 33mm voice coil which has been wound on a high-powered aluminium former for maximum performance. Ventilated spider and aluminium flux stabilisation ring reduce distortion. The paper cone and surround have been designed for a smooth response and dynamic, fatigue-free vocal mid-band. 

A 26mm doped fabric dome tweeter is used for the high-frequency drive unit, featuring a specially-dampened design and high power. The crossover network utilises close-tolerance, professional-grade components, resulting in a refined and accomplished sound. 

Fitted with an engineered, acoustically-optimised housing and cloaked with a stylish black grille, the Phonix is a sophisticated reference for surround sound speakers.

Key Features:

Wedge-shaped design

The speaker replicates the wedge-shaped design used in Krix's commercial cinema surround speakers. This design allows for high mounting, ensuring excellent pattern control and audio coverage to all listening positions. 

On-wall side and rear surround sound

The Phonix is specifically designed for on-wall side and rear surround sound applications, providing immersive cinema sound. 

High power handling

The speaker offers high power handling capability, allowing it to handle significant audio output without distortion. 

Low frequency extension

The Phonix has a low frequency extension down to 45Hz, providing deep and impactful bass reproduction. 

165mm bass driver

The speaker features a hefty 165mm bass driver with a 33mm voice coil wound on a high-powered aluminium former. The driver incorporates a ventilated spider and an aluminium flux stabilisation ring to minimise distortion. 

Smooth and dynamic response

The paper cone and surround of the bass driver are developed to provide a smooth response and dynamic, non-fatiguing vocal mid-band reproduction. 

High-frequency drive unit

The Phonix is equipped with a specially-damped, high-power 26mm doped fabric dome tweeter for precise and detailed high-frequency performance. 

Professional-grade crossover network

The speaker's crossover network is designed and built using close-tolerance, professional-grade components. This ensures a smooth and well-controlled sound reproduction. 

Braced and critically-damped enclosure

The Phonix comes with a braced and critically-damped enclosure, which helps reduce resonance and enhance overall sound quality. 

Neat black cloth grille

The speaker is finished with a neat black cloth grille, adding a stylish and elegant touch to its design. 


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