Krix Phonix In-Wall Speaker

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Krix Phonix In-Wall Speaker 

The Phonix In-Wall affords users the ability to achieve a comprehensive cinema surround sound effect covertly, ideal for side, rear, or ceiling placement to create an enveloping home-theatre experience.

This in-wall speaker provides powerful audio performance with extended bass frequencies down to 45Hz, making it ideal for 5.1, 7.1, and immersive sound setups.

The 165mm bass driver features a 33mm voice coil wound onto a robust aluminium former, with a ventilated spider and an aluminium flux stabilisation ring for reduced distortion. Its paper cone and surround are meticulously designed to deliver a powerfully smooth response and a dynamic, fatigue-free mid-band.

The 26mm doped fabric dome tweeter of this high frequency drive unit has been specially damped to deliver powerful sound. Additionally, the crossover network has been constructed with precise professional-grade components, resulting in a highly controlled, impressively smooth sound.

The Phonix In-Wall is designed with an opt-in 1.6mm thick faceplate, allowing for secure attachment to plaster or cabinetry. An additional black cloth grille can be added for an additional layer of finesse, making this a powerful and versatile surround sound solution.

Key Features:

Concealed Design

The Krix Phonix In-Wall Speaker offers a concealed form for immersive cinema surround sound, making it suitable as a side surround, rear surround, or ceiling effect speaker in home theatre setups.

High Power Handling and Low Frequency Extension

With its ability to handle high power, this dedicated home cinema speaker delivers robust audio performance. It also offers impressive low frequency extension down to 45Hz, ensuring deep and impactful bass reproduction.

Quality Bass Driver

The Phonix In-Wall Speaker features a 165mm bass driver with a 33mm voice coil wound on a high-powered aluminium former. Equipped with a ventilated spider and aluminium flux stabilisation ring, it minimises distortion and delivers a dynamic and non-fatiguing vocal mid-band.

Precise High-Frequency Reproduction

The speaker incorporates a specially-damped, high-power 26mm doped fabric dome tweeter, providing detailed and accurate high-frequency sound reproduction.

Professional-Grade Crossover Network

The Phonix In-Wall Speaker utilises a crossover network designed and built with close-tolerance, professional-grade components. This ensures exceptionally smooth and well-controlled sound reproduction.

Versatile Mounting Options

The speaker can be easily fixed to plastered studwork or cabinetry using the 1.6mm thick faceplate. Additionally, an optional black cloth grille is available for a sleek finish, making it a versatile and visually appealing surround sound solution.



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