Krix Megaphonix Flat On Wall Speaker

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Krix Megaphonix Flat On Wall Speaker

Experience Dynamics

The Megaphonix Flat speaker has been engineered to be utilized on a wall in a dedicated home cinema. It has powerful handling and highly sensitive drivers that deliver exceptional impact and dynamics to create a realistic movie theatre experience without the need for costly AV components. This speaker completes your cinema experience.

The 255mm bass driver includes a 50mm voice coil designed to deliver low harmonic distortion in the midrange. The paper cone and surround provide a seamless response.

The 26mm dome tweeter, which is damped and high-powered, is coupled with Krix's proprietary waveguide for a 90-degree horizontal and 40-degree vertical dispersion that is reliably maintained across the whole frequency range. The high frequency response of this speaker is remarkably even and well-controlled, setting a new standard in sound reproduction.

The 162mm deep Megaphonix Flat enclosure is optimised for minimal space behind the screen; its bracing and damping enhance bass extension. Furthermore, a black material grille plus key hook mounts facilitate installation.

The Megaphonix Flat On Wall Speaker offers an ideal choice for those with space limitations. Part of a five-speaker family, it can be paired with other main or surround speakers to attain a consistent and crisp acoustic experience.

Key Features:

On Wall Design

The Megaphonix Flat speaker is specifically designed for on-wall use, making it a perfect fit for your dedicated home cinema setup.

High Power Handling and High Sensitivity Drivers

With its high power handling capability and high sensitivity drivers, this speaker delivers the impact and dynamics needed for a truly immersive home cinema experience.

255mm Bass Driver

The Megaphonix Flat features a powerful 255mm bass driver with a 50mm voice coil. This driver has been meticulously developed to minimize harmonic distortion, particularly in the critical midband frequencies.

Smooth and Accurate Response

The paper cone and surround of the bass driver are engineered to provide the smoothest possible response, ensuring accurate and detailed sound reproduction.

Specially-Damped High Frequency Drive Unit

This speaker incorporates a specially-damped, high power, 26mm doped fabric dome tweeter. Paired with Krix's proprietary waveguide technology, it offers consistently-maintained optimum dispersion of sound, both horizontally (90 degrees) and vertically (40 degrees) across the entire frequency range.

Exceptional High-Frequency Performance

The combined high frequency response of the Megaphonix Flat is exceptionally smooth and well-controlled, setting a new benchmark in loudspeaker reproduction and ensuring a captivating listening experience.

Slim-Lined Enclosure

The speaker features a slim-lined enclosure with a depth of only 162mm. This design minimizes the space required behind the screen, allowing for a seamless installation.

Enhanced Bass Extension

The Megaphonix Flat enclosure is braced and critically damped to improve bass extension, ensuring deep and powerful low-frequency performance.

Easy Installation

It comes with a black material grille and rear key hook mounts, making installation a breeze.

Expandable Speaker Family

As part of a five-speaker family, the Megaphonix Flat can be combined with main or surround speakers, allowing you to create a connected, clear, and smooth sound experience while saving space.


 Frequency range:
40Hz-20kHz in room response
Low frequency driver:
Single 255mm (10”) paper cone driver. 50mm (2”) voice coil wound on high powered kapton former, with ventilated magnet assembly and copper shorting ring for low distortion
High frequency driver:
26mm (1”) doped fabric dome with large roll surround. Ferro fluid cooled. Coupled to a Krix designed 90 x 40 short throw waveguide
Power handling:
50-250 Watts RMS recommended amplifier power
Crossover point:
Sensitivity: 95dB for 2.83 volts at 1 metre
Impedance: 8 Ohms
Configuration: 2-way
Input terminals:
Gold plated binding posts
Enclosure type:
Bass reflex, front vented
Dimensions: 885mm high x 390mm wide x 162mm deep
Weight: 15kg


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