Krix Megaphonix Centre On Wall Speaker

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Krix Megaphonix Centre On Wall Speaker

Experience Dynamics

The Megaphonix Centre speaker is designed for the particular needs of home theatres, featuring high power-handling and sensitivity drivers. For non-acoustically transparent screen setups, this slimline speaker is an ideal choice, allowing it to be covertly mounted beneath the screen or incorporated into custom cabinetry.
The 255mm bass driver has a 50mm voice coil and has been developed to offer low harmonic distortion, especially in the critical midband. The paper cone and surround of the bass driver have been developed to provide the smoothest possible response.

The 26mm doped fabric dome tweeter, coupled with Krix's patented waveguide, offers a 90° horizontal and 40° vertical dispersion over the whole frequency range for outstanding sound projection. The smooth and precisely-controlled high frequency response sets a new standard for speaker reproduction.
The Megaphonix Centre enclosure is braced and critically damped to improve bass extension. It also comes with a black material grille and rear key hook mounts for easy installation.

For audiophiles looking to save space, the Megaphonix Centre is the on wall component of a five-speaker set, enabling a seamless sound experience when paired with main or surround speakers.

Key Features:

Dedicated Home Cinema Design

The Megaphonix Centre speaker is specifically designed for use in dedicated home cinemas, providing high power handling and high sensitivity drivers.

Slimline Design

This speaker has a slimline design, allowing it to be mounted inconspicuously beneath the screen or inside custom joinery, making it ideal for installations with non-acoustically transparent screens.

Bass Driver

The speaker features a 255mm bass driver with a 50mm voice coil. It has been developed to offer low harmonic distortion, particularly in the critical midband, and the paper cone and surround contribute to a smooth response. 

High Frequency Driver

The speaker utilises a specially-damped, high power, 26mm doped fabric dome tweeter. It is coupled with Krix's proprietary waveguide, which ensures consistent optimum dispersion of sound over a wide horizontal and vertical range. 

Enclosure Design

The Megaphonix Centre enclosure is braced and critically damped, improving bass extension and minimising unwanted resonances. It comes with a black material grille for protection and aesthetics. 

Easy Installation

The speaker is designed for easy installation with rear key hook mounts. It allows for convenient placement and integration into the home cinema setup. 


The Megaphonix Centre is part of a five-speaker family, enabling it to be combined with other main or surround speakers from the same series, ensuring a connected, clear, and smooth sound experience. 


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