EarMen Eagle USB DAC/Headphone Amplifier

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EarMen Eagle  USB DAC/Headphone Amp 

EarMen Eagle is High-performance Pocket-friendly USB DAC + Headphone Amp, compatible with Apple® and Android™ mobile devices allowing you to take incredible sound with you no matter where you go.

Manufacturers Details: 

Featuring Audiophile SABRE DAC

EarMen Eagle is powered by ESS ES9280 C PRO, which can provide high audio performance with  Total Harmonic Distortion plus Noise (THD+N) <0.002% which allows you Sonic Purity and Natural Sound.

Low-Noise Design

EarMen Eagle is using a Super LOW ESR tantalum capacitors, high grade components in power-supply design and 4 layer golden plated PCB technology from PC and smart phone industry, EarMen Eagle reduces the noise to minimum. This will improve super fine details especially in Hi-Res files where you can feel and hear the difference.

Gold plated PCB

EarMen Eagle’s PCB (Printed Circuit Board) is 4 layer gold-plated, which is unmatched in terms of quality and performance. Gold plated PCB guarantees the minimal loss of sound quality. Earmen manufacture this through CNC drilling and pattern plating.

Engineered With Care:


After many years of experience in the audio industry, our engineers have used their knowledge to develop a device that will provide you with great sound and that is compatible with Win 10, Apple iOS, Apple macOS, Android.
EarMen Eagle is light-weight, but with robust aluminum enclosure and beautiful design details with glass, gives you feel of the premium look device. Compact design will let you use EarMen Eagle wherever you want.

Easy to use

Built-in adaptive drive, there is no need to manually install the driver. The connection can be used directly, easily adapting smartphone to professional audio equipment. Just plug and play.

Key Features:

  • Plays all 32bit/384kHz formats: PCM, DXD and DSD.
  • Supports playback from iPhones, Android smartphones, MacOS and Windows computers.
  • At its heart is the legendary SABRE®DAC audio converter with HyperStream®II modulation that provides the ultimate in sound quality and stable sound field.
  • EarMen Eagle delivers sound performance all the way to the headsets.

Pair This With:

Being able to take high-quality music with you on the go is fantastic, but in order to get the most out of the EarMen Eagle, it's important you pair it up with an appropriate set of cans. For those of you who are fans of Hip-Hop, Techno, Electronica, or Metal the Meze 99 Neo is the way to go with a robust, punchy, and bassy sound. If you the sort of person who likes to lean back and relax with some Folk, Rock, Jazz, or Classical the Meze 99 Classic is the perfect pairing with a wide, warm sound.

Customer Reviews

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Derek D.
Great sounding unit

Great unit for little money, have my HiFi back
again and some . Using it via USB computer to amp input. Also drives headphones with a fare bit of power.

Noel W.
Darken Eagle

Fuck year . Amazing difference .


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