Dual CS 518 Turntable

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Colour: Dark Walnut

Dual CS 518 Manual Hi-fi Turntable

For the true vinyl enthusiast, the CS 518 is equipped with a twin gimbal tonearm design using pivot ball-bearings for optimal precision. This superior tonearm has the ability to guide even high end pickups with the greatest degree of precision and reliability. The Ortofon 2M Red pickup and a switchable MM phono preamplifier are an integral part of this ready to run package.

Gabi Recommends:

If you are looking for a nice upgrade path for this turntable, why not take a look at the Ortofon 2M Blue Stylus. Although it is the same Elliptical stylus profile as the 2M Red, you will notice a big leap in audio playback with this stylus. The fact that it is a solid diamond piece (rather than a "tipped" or "glued on" version of the 2M Red) makes all the difference. 

The best part is, the Ortofon 2M Blue Stylus will fit perfectly on the existing 2M Red body that comes with the turntable. So you will only need to slip on the new stylus and away you go.

The CS 518 get 5 stars from What Hi-fi?


"It’s well priced and sonically talented enough to be a viable alternative to the best at the price. It’s so pleasing to be able to say that about a Dual turntable again."

What Hi-fi?

Product details:

On-Board Phonostage:

Built with a Moving Magnet Switchable Phonostage already on board, this turntable is able to connect to any amplifier or powered speaker system. If you have an existing phono preamplifier that you would like to use instead of the one inside your turntable, then all you need to do is flick a switch.


  • Solid MDF
  • Folded MDF construction with a black vinyl veneer
  • Elastomer vibration absorber integrated inside the feet
  • Removable dust cover


  • Aluminium Die-cast
  • Precise aluminium die-cast
  • Heavy rubber mat for resonance damping
  • Solid platter bearing with a hardened steel spindle in a brass bushing


  • Twin Gimbal Design
  • Straight, statically balanced
  • Solid aluminium construction / precision pivot ball-bearing
  • Adjustable tracking force and anti-skating


  • DC-Motor / Belt
  • Low vibration DC-Servo-Motor
  • Rubber mountings for vibration decoupling
  • Precision cut belt for lower wow & flutter


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