BlueSound PULSE SOUNDBAR 2i & FLEX 2i Home Theatre Pack

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SOUNDBAR 2i & FLEX 2i - Bundled For Astonishing Home Theatre:

bluesound flex and soundbar

Designed to fit perfectly under your HD or 4K TV, the PULSE SOUNDBAR 2i is the world’s first multi-room, high-res, wireless home theatre soundbar to feature crystal clear, 24-bit resolution sound and audiophile-grade bass response—without a subwoofer. This is the soundbar your TV deserves.

The PULSE FLEX 2i is a versatile, full-range speaker that delivers true wireless portability and the best in audio performance. Pair two together to act as rear channels alongside a PULSE SOUNDBAR 2i to create a fully immersive Bluesound surround sound home theatre setup. It’s our smallest speaker that lets you enjoy great-sounding music in any and every corner of your home.

  • Hear movies, games and sports in true high-fidelity.
  • Combine the PULSE SOUNDBAR 2i with a pair of PULSE FLEX 2i’s and a PULSE SUB to create the most advanced Dolby Digital surround sound experience.
  • HDMI ARC input makes controlling your audio entertainment easier than ever.
  • Works with Bluesound RC1 Remote Controller.
  • Easily program IR remote commands and set listening preferences with the BluOS Controller app.
  • Digital amplifier and custom-tuned drivers energize your music with deep, detailed bass and no distortion.
  • Seamlessly access and connect to Internet radio stations, music streaming services, and even your own local music library.
  • Connect Bluesound to your Amazon Echo with the skill in the Alexa app and use Amazon’s Alexa voice assistant to control Players around the home.
  • AirPlay 2 lets you play music or podcasts from wireless home theatre speakers throughout your house — all in sync.

Combo comes with 1x PULSE SOUNDBAR 2i and 2x PULSE FLEX 2i

Works with airplay2 speakerWorks with Amazon alexaWorks with Google Assistant


Drawing from our decades of engineering experience we have created a fully wireless immersive sonic experience that delivers high on emotion. Heightening every layer of acoustic detail, the PULSE SOUNDBAR 2i and PULSE FLEX 2i elevates your favourite movies, sports, concerts and video games to new levels of lifelike sound.

White PULSE FLEX as surround speaker in a home theater


The PULSE SOUNDBAR 2i uses innovative thinking and advanced design techniques to deliver blockbuster sound for your music, movies, and shows. Utilizing a unique three-way, tri-amplified speaker design, each driver inside the PULSE SOUNDBAR 2i is driven by its own dedicated amplified channel where the low and high frequencies are seamlessly blended using DSP-powered crossover filters. Each driver is housed in individually optimized chambers to eliminate vibrations, allowing the PULSE SOUNDBAR 2i to deliver the deepest bass without any distortion.


Create the most advanced Dolby Digital Surround system by adding a PULSE SUB and hear every lush cinematic detail of your favourite movies and TV shows. With setup done directly in the BluOS Controller app, your living room will become the number one destination for movie nights and game day.

Diagram of a home theater showing positions of PULSE SOUNDBAR, PULSE SUB, and a pair of PULSE FLEX surrounds.


The PULSE FLEX 2i exceeds all expectations by delivering a rich, detailed soundstage that will fill any room. A state-of-the-art bass driver adds some serious punch to this small but mighty speaker, and our advanced DirectDigital™ amp lets you experience all of your music to the fullest without compromising quality sound for portability and size.

Wireless surround sound rear channels


Take control of the world’s first hi-res wireless home theatre with your existing TV remote. With IR support users can seamlessly program IR remote commands directly into their PULSE SOUNDBAR 2i. Listeners also have the option of selecting the listening mode of their choice directly in the BluOS Controller app, which includes two dialogue enhancing modes, a wide music mode and a wide cinema mode. The PULSE SOUNDBAR 2i is as versatile as it is incredible.

Streaming Wireless SOUNDBAR closeup


Seamlessly connect the PULSE SOUNDBAR 2i or PULSE FLEX 2i to multiple Bluesound players throughout the home with the BluOS Controller app and create an intuitive multi-room music system unlike any other.
Diagram of streaming music via WiFi to other rooms