Blue Horizon Ultimate Spike Shoes for speaker stands

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Blue Horizon’s Ultimate Spike Shoes are designed to sit beneath spikes of floorstanding speakers, speaker stands or other cones.

They serve a dual purpose, they protect your wooden flooring and they enhance your sound quality by suppressing resonance that leads to sonically damaging microphony in audio components. It is the second of these functions that sets them apart form other spike shoes on the market



  • Suitable for a complete audio or AV system
  • Reinforced metal plate allows spike loading of up to 100kg
  • Extremely dense material which is a proprietary mixture of materials at opposite ends of the elasticity spectrum whick damps resonance equally across the audio band


Uniquely, the aluminium outer casing of each spike shoe is filled by a combination specially chosen materials. The first of these is an extremely dense material placed directly beneath the indentation in which the spike sits, allowing spike loading of up to 100kg.

This is surrounded by a proprietary mixture of materials at opposite ends of the elasticity spectrum. The differing resonant frequencies of these materials ensure that resonance is damped equally across the audio band, rather than simply delivering a tonal shift. The combination of improved coupling and effective resonance control delivers clearly audible benefits, opening up the sound and improving definition from bass through to treble.

Customer Reviews

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Richard M.
Not just a spike shoe!

I began by comparing the spike shoes with standard metal shoes under spikes in a mono 'shoot out', the standard option sounded quite muddy and closed in by comparison. The Blue Horizons sounded clean, open and highly resolved. In stereo the effect is a holographic soundstage that is 'out of the box' with beautiful note shape and texture.


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