Audiolab 7000A Integrated Amplifier

Nestled between the 6000 and 9000, the 7000 fuses premium traits into a pricing category that follows the mantra of class-leading performance.

Outwardly resembling the sequential series and therefore offering a brand-wide visual aesthetic match, the audiolab 7000A improves on the 6000A with a genuine 70W per channel output, a new DAC, a new full-colour IPS LCD screen and more! More compact than the 9000 series, it maintains crisp ergonomics, high-quality engineering, a useful range of facilities and an excellent all-around acoustic performance and connectivity.

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Colour: Silver

Key features

Bluetooth AptX

MM Phonostage

MQA certified DAC


Roon tested


Audiolab 7000A Integrated Amplifier

As the engineers in the audiolab camp have learned with every model and series; greatness can be improved upon. Taking the 6000A as the standard, audiolab know that the regular audio enthusiast’s thirst for specification and features would mean that the eagerly anticipated linear upgrade from the 6000A would instinctively also offer an improved display and general user interface (GUI); hence the vibrant and visually informative 2.8″ (480 x 640mm) IPS display. The detailed but simple-to-use GUI also carries through a general theme of information and structure from the 9000A, just in a more compact style. The GUI includes settings for the digital phase lock loop of the D/C converter.

Tables are turning

With a further improved phono stage for moving magnet cartridges and a dedicated headphone output, this amplifier offers the most versatile, detailed and dynamic sound available. Immerse yourself in rich, emotive audio and explore the depths of your music.

All the sources

Experience a whole world of audio power and innovation with the Audiolab 7000A Integrated Amplifier: a high-end audio solution with tech of the future, ready to bring your home cinema system and music setup to life. Connect directly with PCs and TVs for powerful sound, and experience unparalleled levels of quality, flexibility and performance.

Flagship MQA Dac

The 7000A reaffirms the natural integration and synergy with an ESS ES9038Q2M chip. The 7000A utilises ESS Technology’s 32-bit HyperStream architecture and Time Domain Jitter Eliminator. As with the 9000A, the 7000A uses a post-DAC filter based upon Class A topology and proprietary DC-coupled high-gain electronic amp designs to deliver ultra-low noise and high dynamic range for the digital audio connoisseur.

Everybody loves a VU Meter

The Audiolab 7000A Integrated Amplifier's technology & adjustable brightness, operational modes and VU meter represent real-time decibel levels for the left and right channels with broadness, depth and toe-tapping rhythm. Experience the benchmark in this price class – it's now in the 7000 series domain!

What impresses me the most about the 7000a is just how much more powerful & spacious it feels than the specs would lead you to believe.

Andrew Robinson

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Charles M.
A Superb Amplifier

This has been a sensational upgrade from an already outstanding Cambridge AXA35.
The HDMI ARC did it for me. I needed something that'll be an all-in-one solution with plenty power to drive my Focal Choras. This Audiolab 7000A is worth every cent.
The output pushes the drivers of the Focals with a force that shows their class. The sound is clear, concise, and with depth.
I believe that this is my final amplifier. It's built for years of use, materials are premium, the LCD screen indicator is clear and bright and the features are phenomenal.
The audio is dynamic, revealing details that I hear with my Philips Fidelio X3 headphones.
Save your money and let this be the amplifier you get.
Living Entertainment had the unit in my hands in a week! That's insane!

Dave K.

Great amp good price and great service from LE. Courier was a few days slower than advertised though with no effective tracking to let the customer know whats happening...

Peter S. five stars

Only let down was by crappy courier THIRTEEN DAYS TOO LONG


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