Entertainment aficionados love taking things to a new level. A good thing Living Entertainment's collection of surround speakers do precisely that! 

Real entertainment lovers consider surround speakers as the heart of home cinema. A perfectly set up speaker configuration brings new life and depth to a plain and flat movie scene. Immerse yourself in the realistic sound of a great movie that puts you right in the centre of the action. 

The Right Setup 

Space availability dramatically affects the overall sound quality of your audio system. That's one of the most significant considerations when it comes to pitching for a suitable configuration for your speakers. Living Entertainment understands the situation you're in. 

LENC's collection of surround speakers and essential audio components delivers flexibility and plenty of options. That means you can get precisely what you need for your setup. A prime example of this is the Monitor Audio Bronze 50 6G Bookshelf Speakers. 

The Bronze 50 6G is known as the most compact model in the Bronze series. This is the perfect piece of surround equipment you'll need if you have limited space to work with. If you're looking for a top-notch high fidelity experience in the comfort of your home, the WHARFEDALE EVO 4.S SURROUND SPEAKER might be your best premium option. 

Surround Makes a Lot of Difference

Properly engineered surround speakers are specially made to satisfy your entertainment needs. All of LENC's surround speaker collection offers innovative designs and unique material choices, allowing you to immerse yourself in the movies you're watching. 

Talk with one of the experts at LENC and find the most suitable surround speaker setup for your home. Also, take advantage of our competitive prices that make us Australia's best audio solution providers in the business.

Surround Speakers