What's On In October [2020]

What's On In October [2020]

Hey Everyone - Welcome to ‘What’s On At LENC’ for October!

As we are quickly approaching the business end of 2020 (can you believe it!?), it’s full steam ahead for us here at LENC producing great content and securing awesome new gear for you all!

Check out what we’ve been up to in October!

  • A much anticipated ‘Product Of The Month’
  • The very last of the incredible PMC Twenty5 series
  • Win yourself a pair of $500 headphones by voting for us as ‘Hi-Fi Retailer Of The Year’
  • My favourite 3 videos this month

1.) The KEF LS50 Wireless II Bookshelf Speakers - Product Of The Month!

kef ls50 wireless

Building on the incredible performance and prestige of the 1st Generation KEF LS50 Wireless, the KEF LS50 Wireless II come to the party with major advances in almost every single way!

With the Gen I LS50 Wireless receiving stunning reviews and countless praise, believe it or not, the Gen II step it up to another level in terms of performance, sound quality and versatility!

Click here to jump over and find out all about them!

2.) The Last Of An Incredible Line!

pmc twenty5 series

With the launch of the brand new Twenty5 ‘I’ series, the famous, multi-award-winning and widely loved Gen I Twenty5 series is now ‘end of line’.

What this means for you is that if you act quickly, you can get the very last of this brilliant range at a huge 25% Off the RRP!

Click here to check out the last of the PMC Twenty5 Series!

Quick Note: We also have an ex-demo pair each of the Twenty5.22 Bookshelf Speakers and Twenty5.24 Floorstanding Speakers at 40% Off the RRP.

Both are in Walnut and are in excellent condition.

Shoot an email through to Darcy at marketing@lenc.com.au to find out more.

3.) Vote For Us As ‘Hi-Fi Retailer Of The Year’ and Win Yourself A Pair Of $500 Sennheiser Headphones!

HiFi retailer of the year

We've just been informed that we are nominated and in the running for the 'Sound+Image Hi-Fi Retailer Of The Year' award!!

We are elated to have simply been nominated, however, being the hard-working and ambitious crew that we are though - we'd love to take it one step further and try and win it! 😉

The only way we can do this though is with your vote! 🙏

We are far from the 'biggest' retailer in the game, but we are continually working on trying to create the best customer experience from start to finish - and we hope that shows!

Furthermore, simply by voting you'll also put yourself in the running to win a pair of Sennheiser Momentum True Wireless 2 Anniversary editions - valued at $500!

Click here to cast your vote for us, and put yourself in the running to win the headphones!

4.) Our Top Videos Of The Month:

5 tips to get the best from your record player

This month Nat and Dan unboxed and went over both AudioLab 6000A integrated amplifier and CDT, and also put together a great video on ‘5 Hot Turntable Tips’ to go with our article on helping you set up and maintain your record player!

Definitely worth a watch - check them out below:
  1. Unboxing & Overview | AudioLab 6000A Integrated Amplifier
  2. Unboxing & Overview | AudioLab 6000 CDT CD Transport
  3. 5 Hot Tips To Get The Most Out Of Your Turntable!

That's It For Now!

Thanks as always for the support, don't forget to join our email for access to special subscriber-only pricing, product give-aways, industry news and much more!

Get in touch if you have any questions at all!

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