What's On In September [2020]

What's On In September [2020]

Hey Everyone - Welcome to ‘What’s On At LENC’ for September!

Despite the first few ‘hot’ days of the season getting us all warmed up for the summer to come - September has seen the LENC team as busy as ever!

  • We welcome our brand new team member Erik
  • A beautiful new set of barn doors for the high-end room
  • Some classic vintage Hi-Fi styled pieces for our Product(s) Of The Month
  • Our brand new article on How Record Players Work
  • Great new videos of some brand new products & room acoustics

Check it all out below:

1.) Give A Warm LENC Welcome To Our New Team Member Erik!

As our business continues to grow - so must our team!

Joining us late last month, and already off to a flying start is our new ‘Showroom Manager’ - Erik.

Erik brings many years of experience across a range of different disciplines to the business and has already been hard at work implementing improvements and putting plans in place to take our systems and showroom to another level.

If you’re in the area, be sure to drop down and say hi to him!

2.) Barn Doors Are Now Up On The High-End Room!

living entertainment showroom

Anyone who’s had a chance to swing past the showroom can attest that your eye is quickly drawn to our ‘high-end room’ at the far end of the shop - hosting some of our finest Hi-Fi equipment.

Earlier this month, Erik got to work and put up the long-awaited barn doors to complete the look and give that extra special touch to our premium auditions.

Now that they’re up, we can’t imagine the place without them. Let me know what you think of them!

3.) Product(s) Of The Month - | The LEAK CDT & Stereo 130

leak audio

As fresh to the scene as audio can be, the newly released CDT & Stereo 130 are propelling the world-renowned and highly-regarded LEAK brand into the 21st century.

While retaining a classic vintage Hi-Fi style, everything about the new LEAK range is showcases modern Hi-Fi tech - allowing for your favourite CD's and vinyl, right through to Bluetooth and streaming.

Click here to check them both out and pair them up for outstanding Hi-Fi performance with a retro look like none other!

4.) New Article - How Do Record Players Work?

how do record players work

Record players (also called turntables and vinyl players) have exploded in popularity recently as many people find their way back to vinyl for its beautiful detail, sound quality and general nostalgic feel.

The classic high-resolution sound that you get from a high-quality record player comes from a variety of delicate calibrations and moving parts - so it always pays to know a little about how they're put together and how they work.

We’ve put together a quick little piece to run you through a bit of vinyl history, what makes up a record player and just exactly how a record player works!

Click here to check it out!

5.) Videos Of The Month:

dynaduio contour 30i unboxing

Dan and Nat have put together some great new videos this month, touching on a few different angles too!

Check out my 3 favourites for this month below:
  1. Unboxing and Overview: Dynaudio Contour 30i
  2. The Ultimate New Retro Hi-Fi System!
  3. Lets Talk Room Acoustics

That's It For Now!

Thanks as always for the support, don't forget to join our email for access to special subscriber-only pricing, product give-aways, industry news and much more!

Get in touch if you have any questions at all!

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