VPI Prime 21 Turntable

Sale price$9,999.00

Colour: Walnut

VPI Prime 21 Turntable

The original Prime turntable redefined and polished with a new fit and finish and improved performance. Upgraded with HW-40 feet, 3D Gimbal tonearm, and new machined top plate with additional bracing and isolation. The Prime 21 is bringing 2021 in on a high note. 

It's an Award Winner 

Manufacturer Details:

Upgrades over the original Prime:

  • HW-40 feet for improved isolation and a lower table profile

  • Machined metal top plate for improved chassis bracing and grounding

  • 3D-printed gimbal arm as standard 

The HW-40 feet have proven to be VPI's best isolators without breaking the bank, the lower profile also makes the table look cleaner, and is easier to fit into a shelf.

Moving the bottom plate to the top and adding more metal to wrap around the posts braces and makes the chassis more rigid. Grounding is better since all assemblies are mounted to that metal top plate. 

The shape of the Prime is meant to have a curvier and sexy look compared to the "classic" look of our tables over the past 10 years. At same time having the footprint to accommodate the space needed for a 10 inch 3D arm. We were able to get the price lower for the 3D arm because of our improved technology and increased volume in printing and supply.

Key Features:

The VPI Prime 21 includes: 

  • 10 inch 3D printed light-weight arm
  • VTA Tower for VTA/SRA on the fly
  • Classic 20 pound platter and bearing
  • Outboard 300 RPM motor housing
  • Stainless Steel/Delrin record clam

The Turntable:

  • Chassis made of black textured vinyl over MDF with an 11 gauge steel plate bonded to the underside for the ultimate in resonance control and feedback rejection
  • A 300 rpm 24 pole AC synchronous motor capable of high torque and quiet operation installed in a separate aluminium and steel machined assembly.
  • Inverted bearing - hardened stainless steel shaft, 60 Rockwell chrome hardened ball, spinning in a phosphor bronze bushing and sitting on a PEEK thrust disc.  The belt side load is placed at the centre of the spinning bearing for zero teeter-tooter effects.
  • 20 pound damped platter machined from 6061 aluminium to +/- .001” in a 39” circumference!!!  
  • Motor pulley has an accuracy of +/- .0005” when leaving factory.
  • Wow and flutter:  >.1%
  • Speed Accuracy:  >.03%
  • Rumble: >85db down

The Tonearm:

  • Pivot to spindle: 258mm
  • Effective length: 273.4mm
  • Overhang: 15.4mm
  • Offset angle: 19.98 degrees
  • Average RMS distortion: 0.311%
  • Internal wiring: premium Discovery wire
  • New design 3d printed one-piece body for the ultimate in resonance control.
  • Full length copper shielding tube internally
  • Adjustable side weights for finer azimuth settings.
  • Built in “Easy lift” finger lift.
  • Offset stainless steel counterweight for stability
  • Easy setting of VTA/SRA in thousandths of an inch, calibrated and repeatable
  • Adjustable anti-skate.

Available Upgrades:

  • Periphery Ring clamp for the ultimate in record warp reduction
  • HR-X Centre Weight, perfectly complements the periphery clamp
  • Analogue Drive System (ADS) for the utmost accuracy in motor speed and fine speed adjustment

Price includes turntable and tonearm - cartridge sold separately. We're happy to help with this, alternatively if you'd like us to mount your existing cartridge we can do that too. VPI supply all the tools required for cartridge alignment and balancing should you wish to do this yourself. 

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