Rotel CD11 MKII CD Player


The CD11MKII CD Player furthers Rotel’s 30+ year legacy of delivering high performance, high value CD players.

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Colour: Silver

Key features

Smooth Tray Mechanism

RCA & COAX Outputs

32-bit 384kHz DAC

Front display & IR Remote

Based on Ken Ishiwata Tuning


Rotel CD11 MKII CD Player

The CD11MKII CD Player replaces the existing CD11 Tribute model and includes over
10 critical components upgrades in the digital circuits surrounding the TI PCM5102A 32-
bit/384kHz DAC.

The smooth action tray loading CD mechanism, LCD display, intuitive front panel
controls and included IR remote control ensure simple setup and operation. RCA or
coaxial outputs provide easy connection to an amplifier or DAC. The 12V trigger input
and RS232 connection allows seamless integration with control systems.

Ken Ishiwata inspired

The CD11MKII includes upgrades to Rotel’s hugely successful Tribute Series model which was inspired by - and co-operatively engineered with - the late Ken Ishiwata. The new product seeks to enhance the performance of its predecessor while remaining faithful to Ken’s design philosophy and continue to proudly pay homage to Ishiwata san’s 40+ year legacy in the audio business.

Solid build

The player’s heavy steel chassis supports a proprietary Rotel disc transport exclusively for the playback of compact discs. The CD11MKII’s smooth, tray-loading mechanism, precise laser pickup and silent running motor controller ensures seamless, worry-free playback of your CD collection.


Digital to Analog conversion is handled by a premium Texas Instruments PCM5102A 32-bit/384kHz DAC feeding custom-tuned digital low pass filter circuits. This sound-first design renders music on a large, open sound stage with both power and finesse.

Smart Design

Intuitive CD control functions on the front panel and included remote control ensure simple operation. The front panel graphic display shows playback status and disc meta data information including the title and artist.

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