Quadraspire Q4 Evo Bamboo 4-Tier Hi-fi Rack

Sale price$1,800.00

Colour: Cherry
Column Type: 19mm - Black
Column Length: 100mm

Quadraspire Q4 Evo Bamboo 4-Tier Hi-fi Rack

The Q4 Evo 4 shelf hi-fi equipment rack from Quadraspire is a great way to improve the look and performance of your audio system. This beautiful rack features four shelves that are made from solid bamboo. The shelves are supported by aluminium columns that provide strength and rigidity.

Manufacturer Details:

Engineered for sound

The Original Hifi Q4 EVO shelves are specially engineered to reduce mass and resonance to give your music a clearer, cleaner musical performance.

Q4 Shelves are strong and can hold 80kg per shelf.

Solid Bamboo Ply

Quadraspire's shelves are made from solid bamboo ply that is strong, suppresses vibration and is carbon neutral.



No Parallel Lines

Quadraspire's designs try to avoid parallel lines in the same way as most musical instruments to reduce resonance.






Solid Aluminium Columns

The columns and feet in Quadraspire racks are made from solid aluminium not tubular, to dissipate energy quickly.

If you want different lengths of the spacers than Standard, the following are available. (no extra charge)




• 100mm
• 140mm
• 180mm - Standard
• 216mm - Standard
• 256mm
• 326mm


Want something bespoke, why not create a custom design?

You can build your own hi-fi rack using the Quadraspire online product builder. Download your design and get in touch with us. We will organise the exact rack that you have designed.

Upgrade options when you custom design include:

Bronze Spike Upgrade

Like musical instruments, our designs use bronze and brass to open up the soundstage.



QX7 Floor Protectors

Not just designed to protect your floor, the QC and QX7 will enhance the sound of your rack or speakers.

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