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Pro-Ject Audio T1 Turntable

Pro-Ject T1: The New Generation Turntable The T1 from Pro-Ject Audio Systems is the first turntable on the T-Line to deliver true HiFi sound quality for little money. This shines with high-quality materials, a stylish look and an incredibly lively sound. During the extensive development process, meticulous care was taken not to compromise on sound quality despite the incredible price.

The stylish, CNC machined chassis, available in high-gloss black, matt white & walnut, contains no plastic parts and is made completely without cavities, so that no unwanted vibrations in the chassis can occur. In keeping with this philosophy, the glass platter is also solid. In contrast to plastic or light steel plate plates, so unwanted resonances are effectively suppressed.

Manufacturers Details:

Hand-made in Europe

The Pro-Ject T1 is entirely manufactured in Europe, from the smallest component to the plinth and tonearm, setting this turntable apart from other mass-produced competitors. With such close eyes on the production of this turntable, Pro-Ject is able to deliver a turntable with truly astounding build quality, so you’re guaranteed an exceptional analog experience.


Engineered With Care:


Heavy glass platter & stylish plinth

The Pro-Ject T1 Phono SB is supplied with a heavy, low-resonance glass platter. A significant upgrade from plastic or lightweight steel alternatives, this new platter both looks stylish & provides the consistent speed that your vinyl needs to sound its best. The plinth supporting the Pro-Ject T1 Phono SB is created using precision CNC routing, meaning there are no hollow spaces, as well as no plastic pieces, commonly found in entry-level turntables, resulting in avoidance of unwanted vibrations. 

Who's This Turntable For?

The Pro-Ject T1 Turntable is perfect for those getting into vinyl records for the first time or those returning to them after rediscovering their old collections. You will struggle to find another unit that is as simple to set up and use while sounding this good.

Key Features:

European-made from the ground up, delivering exceptional build quality

• Manual belt change 33/45 RPM speed change

8.6“ highly precise and light aluminium tonearm, pre-weighted and ready to go out of the box

Heavy 8mm thick, low-resonance glass platter

Pre-fitted Ortofon OM5e Moving Magnet Cartridge

• Allen key, stylus pressure gauge

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