Pro-Ject Align It Cartridge Alignment Tool

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Pro-Ject Cartridge Alignment Tool

This handy tool will make set up a breeze, allowing you to properly align your cartridge. Suitable for tonearms between 8" and 12" effective length. Very accurate and simple to use. Includes an alignment mirror for checking azimuth.

Key Features:

  • Tool for cartridge alignment and adjustment

  • Special slip-proof tool for defining the turning centre of Pro-Ject tonearms

  • Adaptable to accommodate differing tonearm lengths

  • Suitable for other manufacturers' tonearms

  • Suitable for tonearms between 8" (203mm) and 12"(305mm) effective length

If you don't need to adjust vertical tracking alignment (VTA), you can also consider a cheaper cartridge alignment card.

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