Pro-Ject A2 Automatic Turntable


The Pro-Ject Automat A2 turntable is a fantastic choice for audiophiles and music lovers. Its remarkable build quality and precision engineering ensure that your vinyl records are played with exceptional clarity and accuracy.

One of the standout features is its convenient automatic operation, which allows you to simply press a button, and the turntable takes care of the rest. This is perfect for those who want the authentic vinyl experience without the hassle.

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Colour: Black

Key features


hand-made in Germany

33⅓, 45 & 78 RPM

Floating Sub-chassis

damped platter


Pro-Ject A2 Automatic Turntable

The Pro-Ject A2 Automatic Turntable builds upon the tradition of our fully mechanical automatic record players. With this model, you have the freedom to automate the playback of both 7" singles and 12" LPs, with the added bonus of a 78 RPM feature for your cherished shellac collections.

To savour your A2 experience, simply press start. The tonearm gracefully glides to the lead-in groove of the record, and once the music begins, the automatic features step aside to let you enjoy your vinyl to the fullest.

Factory fitted Ortofon 2M Red & New Headshell

2M Red is an all-purpose cartridge that delivers open, dynamic sound with a slight touch of warmth.

The headshell is made of carbon fibre reinforced polymer which makes it super stable and rigid, all while keeping the weight at its lowest to work perfectly with the ultra-light-mass tonearm design.

Heavy Main Chassis

The new heavy MDF main chassis is made and designed in Austria and carefully hand painted in a luxurious 8-layer matt black finish. It provides a very sturdy base for the sub-chassis and reduces hollow spaces to avoid resonances. Such a massive chassis is very unusual in this price range and the base for natural sound.

Floating sub-chassis & Floating Platter

Isolating all the most critical turntable elements adds an extra layer of protection against outside noise. A must for automatic turntables.

The damping ring on the inside adds weight and reduces resonances. In the last step the platter is turned and precision balanced to receive its fine edges and lowest wow and flutter deviations.

33/45/78 RPM

No need to change the belt position. Easily change speed with the push of only a single button & listen to your favourite LP, single or shellac.

7" or 12" record auto-cue

With this model, you can select the drop-off point for 7" (singles) or 12" (LPs) on 45 RPM records. Making it easier than ever to autocue where the needle drops on your vinyl.

We think this turntable is a real looker, especially as it’s kitted out with many of the mod cons demanded by the mass market.

John Darko

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