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The Meze ADVAR IEM are an audibly stunning & striking looking set of in-ear monitor earphones. Proudly designed & manufactured in Romania.

Build & Design

With a mix of a smooth polished black aluminium and copper, ADVAR has a style that looks modern and antique all at once. One might even be forgiven for seeing a hint of steampunk aesthetic. The shell is small and lightweight, with contouring that makes for an easy, tight fit. As is noted on the box and on the IEM shells, ADVAR is made in Romania, and it’s clear that Meze takes a lot of pride in its design and construction. The cable is Meze’s Rai Series silver rhodium-plated cable, which has a soft feel, is easy to handle, and tangle resistant.


Stainless-steel construction

The solid stainless-steel chassis of each ADVAR earpiece has been inspired by various raw shapes found in nature, such as the rounded surface of minerals like hematite. Following the same comfort principles as Meze Audio’s other earphones, ADVAR are ergonomically contoured with a shape that enables the earphones to be inserted and removed from the wearer’s ears with ease, reducing discomfort, especially during longer listening sessions.


    Easy to drive

    The easy-to-drive Meze ADVAR IEM are designed specifically to pair well with a wide selection of audio devices thanks to their high sensitivity and low impedance. With a frequency range spanning 10Hz to 30kHz, the tone produced by ADVAR is described as both warm and dynamic, presenting music in a way that’s relaxed and easy to enjoy.



    Driver:  10.2mm dynamic driver
    Frequency Range: 10Hz – 30kHz
    Impedance: 31 Ω
    Sensitivity: dB SPL/mW Sensitivity
    Case: Hard eco friendly leather carrying pouch
    Distortion: <1% at 1kHz
    Stock cables: MMCX connector ending in 3.5mm, Rhodium plate
    Includes: 5 pairs (SS, S, M, L, LL) Final Audio Type E ear tips,
    1 x MMCX removal tool
    1 x cleaning tool
    1 x user manual