Meze 109 Pro Primal Open-Back Headphones

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Introducing the Meze Audio 109 Pro Primal: a harmonious fusion of woodworking mastery and audio excellence. Hailing from Baia Mare, Romania, this latest addition to the Meze Audio Art Gallery collection unveils a unique edition of the award-winning 109 Pro headphones.

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Colour: Black Walnut Wood

Key features

Open-back Design

High-Quality Sound

Comfortable Fit

Premium Materials

Real Walnut, Hand-honed


Meze 109 Pro Primal Open-Back Headphones

Crafted by the skilled artisans at Meze Audio, the 109 Pro Primal is a testament to the marriage of traditional wood crafting heritage and state-of-the-art audio technology.

Founder and lead designer, Antonio Meze, elucidates the profound influence of the ancient forests surrounding their Maramures home: "With Primal, we took up this deep-rooted skill and shaped it into a new perspective on headphone design."

Hand-made details

The walnut earcup frames are meticulously chiselled and sanded, embodying a commitment to quality that extends to the application of linseed oil for a natural, matte texture.

This process not only ensures a smooth feel but also accentuates the wood grain, restoring its captivating colour.

All in the details

Guided by the Romanian philosophy "Graba strică treaba" meaning "Haste ruins the work," Primal embodies the principle of meticulous craftsmanship.

Each detail is attended to with care, reflecting the importance of taking time to achieve exceptional results.

Fully-serviceable design

In line with Meze Audio’s dedication to sustainability, the Primal edition is designed for endless serviceability.

Every component, from cables to ear cups, is replaceable and upgradable, extending the product's life beyond conventional limits.

An award-winner

The 109 Pro Primal preserves the outstanding performance of the original 109 Pro, recently crowned Best Headphones 2023-2024 by audio experts in the prestigious global EISA Awards.

With this unique edition, Meze Audio seamlessly blends performance, craftsmanship, and sustainability in an unparalleled audio experience.

With its alluring combination of expansive, detailed soundstaging and tight, controlled bass, the 109 PRO is a superior headphone suited to all types of music.

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