Lindemann Limetree USB-DAC & Headphone Amplifier

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Limetree USB-DAC

A Digital to Analogue converter (DAC) that can handle the highest resolutions.

The Limetree USB-DAC & headphone amplifier is the ultimate in quality digital-to-analogue conversion. It is equipped with an analogue volume control & also has the added bonus of doubling as a headphone amplifier. The rotary knob control & the included remote make it the ideal partner for music playback on a PC or Mac.

When using a computer for playback simply connect to the USB port of the Limetree. Thereby replacing the internal sound card of the respective device. The sound quality of the music playback will be elevated to the finest (and most often considerably higher priced) hi-fi components. The Limetree USB-DAC can be used as a stand-alone headphone amplifier, but at the same time it may also serve as a preamp for active loudspeakers or power amplifiers.


Limetree Dac USB


  • Technologically the USB-DAC is way up front: just like the highly acclaimed Limetree NETWORK II, it has the excellent Hyperstream-II converter ES9038 on board which is able to realise ultra high resolutions up to DSD 512 and PCM 768 kHz – with a fantastic open and natural sound image.
  • As an extra feature the Limetree USB-DAC provides an analog volume control based on an integrated resistor network. The otherwise customary digital volume control has been waived completely. In particular with medium and low volume levels this solution delivers more detail and body.
  • The supplied IR remote allows not only to set the volume level or select the input, but also e.g. to navigate through playlists on your computer.
  • The headphone amp of the Limetree USB-DAC features a powerful output stage which can drive headphones with 16 - 300 ohms of impedance.
  • The USB-B input of the USB-DAC supports the connection of a PC or Mac via USB Audio Class II. Two digital S/PDIF inputs enable the connection of digital sources such as CD drives or TV receivers.
  • The analogue line-level output allows to connect power amps or active loudspeakers.

Technology & manufacturing

Designed in Germany & manufactured in Europe, the circuitry and component selection of the Limetree USB-DAC has been optimised down to the smallest detail to offer the ultimate sound characteristics.

All music files are re-clocked by means of an ultra precise FemtoClock: the processed data is completely free from 'jitter', which is by far the most frequent cause for poor digital playback quality. The sound is airy, natural and follows the recording in the best sense. For the output stage Limetree have used one of the finest amplifier modules on the market. 

For the power supply Limetree use a high-quality “medical grade“ mains adapter to ensure a very high decoupling from any mains interference. Together with the elaborate filtering in the device and special voltage regulators you get an extremely trouble-free power supply with noise values below 10 µV is achieved.

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