Bowers & Wilkins 603 S2 Anniversary Edition

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Bowers and Wilkins 603 S2 Anniversary Edition

The powerful 603 S2 Anniversary Edition combines the accuracy and transparency of our acclaimed Continuum™ mid-range cone with the scale and authority of two dedicated bass drivers. Featuring upgraded crossovers for even more transparency and a unique trim-ring to celebrate its status, the 603 S2 Anniversary Edition is the most sophisticated affordable floor-standing loudspeaker we've ever made.

Manufacturers Details:

A celebration of sound.

The 603 S2 Anniversary Edition is the largest and most capable loudspeaker in the 600 Series Anniversary Edition range. A floorstander designed to offer outstanding power accuracy and musicality. Perfect for larger rooms and also ideal for home theatre. Available in a new wood effect finish as well as black and white. 

Engineered With Care:

Layered, beautiful details.

The new 603 S2 Anniversary Edition adopts a refined and upgraded version of the proven Decoupled Double Dome tweeter, offering 38kHz breakup performance. The result? An accurate and immersive reproduction of your favorite music.

Truly amazing sound.

Voices and instruments are delivered with purity and precision, thanks to the revolutionary Continuum cone, as found in our flagship 800 Series Diamond. Once reserved for only our most revered models, Continuum brings you a cleaner and more accurate performance.

Key Features:

Powerful and controlled bass performance.

603 S2 Anniversary Edition features two optimized low-frequency cones that combine terrific extension and superlative accuracy to give high levels of controlled bass with your favorite music and movies.

Upgraded and optimized crossovers.

As well as celebratory cosmetic changes, 600 Series Anniversary Edition also benefits from a new optimised crossover design featuring carefully selected components, offering greater insight from your music. 

Customer Reviews

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Bowers and wilkins 600 series s2 anniversary

These are the worst speakers they ever made

These speakers almost deserve a

These speakers almost deserve a "great" rating, but after considerable thought I have decided to give them only a "good". I am learning a lot about speakers that I didn't know I had to learn (at a very late stage in my audiophile life, so perhaps its my ears!). Now I wish I could have had more chance to review these speakers in comparison with the EVO4.4s that I looked at. At the time, I decided on the B&Ws because they sounded so clear, particularly with voice (singing or spoken). And indeed they do, no doubt making them a great choice for home cinema. But with certain orchestral music, I notice a certain lack of lower range oomph! with instead an emphasis placed on the higher notes. I guess one cannot have everything. I am still listening and learning, so perhaps in a year or two's time I will give a different rating.


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