This amplifier is just flying out the door, & it's easy to see why.

The new 7000a has that classic Audiolab sound, it's feature-rich & it's seriously affordable. Not only that, it's captured the attention & praise of the best reviewers around the globe.

Let's take a closer look at some of it's best features.

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MQA Unfolding

Bluetooth AptX

ESS 32-bit DAC

Roon Tested

Key Features

7000a Integrated Amplifier

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Everybody loves a VU

The display can be set to show a VU meter in ‘analogue’ or ‘digital’ form, presenting real-time signal levels for the left & right channels.

For the record

Upgraded MM phono stage, ready for you to plug in your favourite turntable.

Headphone Amplifier

1/4" headphone jack & stunning headphone amplifier.


Easily connect & control the volume of your tv using your TV remote.

3 Power Modes

You can switch the 7000a between 3 modes. To be used as a preamplifier, power amplifier or an integrated amplifier

What impresses me the most about the 7000a is just how much more powerful & spacious it feels than the specs would lead you to believe.

Andrew Robinson

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#colour_silverAudiolab 7000A Integrated Amplifier #colour_silver
Audiolab 7000A Integrated Amplifier
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Audiolab 7000N Play Network StreamerAudiolab 7000N Play Network Streamer
Audiolab 7000N Play Network Streamer
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Audiolab 7000CDT CD TransportAudiolab 7000CDT CD Transport
Audiolab 7000CDT CD Transport
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