Pulsar Loudspeakers

Pulsar Loudspeakers

The Pulsar loudspeakers with the clear, purist shape and the lacquered surfaces match perfectly into any modern living space. Noble processing down to the smallest detail, modern design combined with outstanding acoustic characteristics are the essential characteristics of this series.

Pulsar Loudspeakers 2

Design Philosophy

The loudspeakers of the Pulsar series incorporate our latest, finest drive units and other components, enabling us to achieve the best possible sound from these relatively small cabinets. The shape of the case, with its elegant chamfers, gapless baffles and back panels, and flush-mounted drivers, is the key to its perfect, undistorted sound radiation pattern over the full frequency range. These features play an important role in the speakers’ wonderful spatial imaging characteristics. The price: performance ratio of Pulsar loudspeakers is extremely good.

Pulsar Loudspeakers 3

T+A Hi-Fi Pulsar Series