Fyne Audio's experienced team of acoustic and mechanical design engineers have developed technologies which combine to optimise our loudspeakers’ performance and provide a superb listening experience.

Bookshelf design

An out and out purist audiophile design, the stand-mount F500 utilises a single 150mm (6”) IsoFlare point source driver in a compact, ported cabinet. Offering precise imaging and intimate detailing, the F500 is ideal for small to medium listening rooms. Incorporating a down-firing port, bass energy is evenly dissipated into the room with our BassTrax Tractrix diffuser system.

Floorstanding designs

The F501 is the smaller of the two floorstanding loudspeakers in the F500 series but capable of delivering low bass and effortless dynamics from a compact, small footprint cabinet. Bringing additional scale and power to the F500 series’ signature clarity and articulation, the 150mm (6”) proprietary IsoFlare driver is accompanied by a matched 150mm (6”) bass driver.

Flagship of the F500 range, the F502 floorstanding loudspeaker combines an astonishing purity and transparency of sound with visceral bass. The system will suit larger listening environments but can reveal a huge dynamic range even when played at low volumes in smaller rooms. Isotropic energy radiation, with point source constant directivity, is provided by a 200mm (8”) proprietary IsoFlare driver for outstanding stereo imaging, even off axis. A matched 200mm (8”) bass driver is also fitted to the 64 litre cabinet ensuring a breathtaking musical or home theatre experience.

Both the F502 and F501 are supplied with a dedicated plinth incorporating our BassTrax Tractrix diffuser system, which integrates bass energy uniformly into the room.

Home Theatre / multi-channel

The F500 range is as impressive with movies as it is music. Fyne Audio’s point source driver technology is ideal for articulating the finest of movie detail with pin-point accuracy. High efficiency and high power handling mean the F500 series delivers an incredibly dynamic and lifelike performance whether you are listening to DTS Master Audio or Dolby True HD.

Designed for multi-channel loudspeaker systems, the F500C is a dedicated centre channel loudspeaker voice matched with the F500 range. A 125mm (5”) IsoFlare driver is at the heart of the F500C, delivering pin-point accuracy when the movie action is taking place centre stage. Providing additional low frequency extension and impact, the IsoFlare driver is accompanied by two 125mm (5”) bass drivers.

Fyne Audio produce a range of high performance powered subwoofers to enhance the movie experience at home. There are 3 models to chose from based on either 8”, 10” or 12” drivers and corresponding power output from 300 – 500 Watts. This allows perfect matching for your listening room size and deep bass requirements.

Fyne Audio F500 Series