What's On In March [2021]

What's On In March [2021]

Hey Everyone - Welcome to ‘What’s On At LENC’ for March 2021!

March has been solid for LENC with the release of our most anticipated video to date, the launch of a new brand for all of you movie lovers and a stunning Product Of The Month!

Check out our highlights below:

  • Product Of The Month: The Evolution Pack
  • Zappiti media players and servers are here!
  • My Favourite Video This Month

1.) Product Of The Month: The Evolution Pack

the evolution hi-fi pack

A complete 'top to tail' Hi-Fi system that is perfectly optimised and entirely unique to us here at LENC - The Evolution Pack is a high-performing, super versatile and visually stunning combination.

Bringing together the Audiolab 6000A Integrated Amplifier, Audiolab 6000N Streamer, and Wharfedale's eye-catching Evo 4.2 Standmount Speakers, this pairing puts the focus on superb detail retrieval and easy-going, wide, and spacious sound.

We've also gone the extra step to include the AudioQuest Q2 cable and Golden Gate RCA connectors to ensure nothing is lost in the transfer.

The Evolution Pack - the next evolution in digital streaming.

Click Here To Check Out The Evolution Pack!

2.) Zappiti - Media Players & Servers


This is a product category we’re often asked about - and we couldn’t be happier to have Zappiti fill the gap.

As a multi-award-winning company with huge industry praise, Zappiti products are designed to provide convenient and intuitive access to your entire movie library collection, in stunning 4K, High Definition resolution.

With a class-leading user experience and outstanding performance, Zappiti gives you all the media control, quality and security you could ever ask for.

Click here to check out all Zappiti products

3.) My Favourite Video This Month: Dan’s KEF LS50W II Review

kef ls50w II review

I normally showcase my 3 favourite videos for the month that the team have put together - but this month, I can only mention one - the KEF LS50W II review.

This video is Dan’s masterpiece. It was heavily requested by many customers and took him countless hours to refine and perfect.

The attention to detail in it is phenomenal - if you’re interested in active speakers this is a must-watch. If you’re not - this might just be the video that converts you :)

Hit play below and settle in for a fantastic in-depth breakdown:

That's It For Now!

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Get in touch if you have any questions at all!

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