What's On In August [2019]

What's On In August [2019]

August has been a great month here at LENC with some amazing offers and awesome changes coming our way. Check them out below.

1.) August Product of The Month - Bronze 2 Hifi Pack

Bronze 2 Hifi Pack
Bronze 2 Hifi Pack

Our product of the month for August is in my opinion, our best one yet. Completely unique to us at LENC, the Bronze 2 Hifi Pack is a fully curated, tested and super affordable entry-level hifi pack, perfect for vinyl lovers and analogue audio enthusiasts. 

If you're looking to ramp up from an all-in-one speaker and start your dedicated hifi journey this is the perfect setup. 

Check it out at a great price until the end of this August -> here.

2.) Free Shipping On EVERY Order!

Yup. No terms, no conditions, no minimum purchase needed. We are now offering Free Shipping on EVERY online order Australia-wide. Simple as that.  

3.) The Dynaudio Excite range has come to an end...

Dynaudio Excites
Dynaudio Excites!

The time has come for the multi-award winning and highly regarded Dynaudio Excite range to make way for the brand new Dynaudio Evokes.  

This is great news for you if you're looking to upgrade or simply in the market for some amazing high-end speakers as they are currently selling at 30% off the RRP until the entire range is cleared out.

No discount codes needed, click here to see what's still left of this award-winning range. 

4.) 'Monitor Mates' - 30% off with Monitor Audio!

Monitor Mates!
Monitor Mates!

Monitor Audio have been producing super high-quality & loudspeakers for over 40 years now and their new 'Gold Series' are currently picking up industry awards left, right and centre!

Right now until the 25th of September you can get 30% off any second Monitor Audio product when you buy any pair of Monitor Audio speakers.

The second product must be of equal of lesser value than the speakers and it all must be purchased in a single transaction.

Send us a quick email at marketing@lenc.com.au if you're interested or want to know more and we will be happy to help

5.) Isotek: The Powerful Combo!

Isotek Sigmas
Isotek Sigmas

I'm sure everyone will agree that if you're going to spend money on a high-end audio or AV system, it's essential that you're protecting it and supplying it with the cleanest power possible.

Until September 25th, purchase an Isotek EVO3 Sigmas Mains Power Conditioner and receive 4x Sequel Cables and 1x Elite Cable completely free. This is a great opportunity to your whole system to clean power!

If you're interested in this offer, email us at marketing@lenc.com.au and we will be happy to help out.

6.) Details of a SONOS battery-powered Bluetooth speaker have just been leaked...

The SONOS Move [Image Credit:WinFuture]

SONOS's first ever portable bluetooth speaker is due to be launched next month at Europes IFA convention, but image and info leaks are starting to come through thick and fast already!

Reportedly called 'SONOS Move' this is the first speaker in the company's history to be battery powered, combining both Bluetooth and Wi-fi connectivity.

Take these details with a grain of salt until it's official launch but sources indicate that it will include a base for cable free charging, 2x speaker connection points, rear buttons for Bluetooth/Wi-fi switching as well as six microphones for voice control via Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant.

All of this will be confirmed in early September, there are a lot of people waiting with baited breath for the this one and we will be sure to get it listed and in stock as soon as it's available!

The SONOS Move
The SONOS Move [Image Credit:WinFuture]

That's It!

Some serious deals on the table this month, don't hesitate to flick us an email if you have any questions or want to jump on something.

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