Krix Scenix In-Wall Speaker

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Krix Scenix In-Wall Speaker

The Scenix offers an unobtrusive solution for home theatres while delivering superior sound quality. It incorporates the award-winning Acoustix Mk2 Bookshelf speaker’s symmetrical, three driver, two-way design to deliver clarity at all frequencies, even when minimally separated from the listener.

The encasement's design ensures the unit is compact, with a total depth of 97mm and making it capable of fitting within the standard 90mm stud framework - granting flexibility in its compatibility with different wall cavities. 

Boasting a low frequency extension of 80Hz, the Scenix is optimised for use with a subwoofer. 130mm dual bass drivers with 25mm vented magnet voice coils add clarity and minimise distortion, while the high frequency driver features a 26mm dual concentric diaphragm and wave-guide centre plug for superior audio control and superior upper treble.

Heavily-reinforced and sound-dampened for enhanced low-end response, the Scenix boasts a powder-coated steel front baffle allowing easy retrofitting into any cabinet. It can be supplied with or without a grille depending on if it is visible or hidden behind an acoustic-transparent screen.

Key Features: 

Discreet Home Cinema Solution

The Scenix is designed to provide a discreet solution for dedicated home cinemas without compromising on performance.

Compact Design

The Krix Scenix In-Wall Speaker is designed around the Acoustix Mk2 Bookshelf Speaker and crafted with a compact size perfectly suited for residential 90mm wall studs. The powder-coated steel front baffle enables easy retrofitting into cabinetry, while customers can choose to include or omit the grille depending on whether the speaker is to be visible or behind an acoustically transparent screen.

Symmetrical Three-Driver, Two-Way Design

The Scenix utilises a symmetrical three-driver, two-way design to deliver greater intelligibility and transparency across the frequency range, even when positioned in close proximity to the listener.

Sealed Enclosure

The sealed enclosure ensures compact cabinet dimensions and allows the speaker to fit into various wall cavities.

Low-Frequency Extension

The Scenix offers low-frequency extension down to 80Hz, making it an excellent choice when paired with a complementary subwoofer.

Dual Bass Drivers

It features dual 130mm bass drivers with 25mm vented magnet voice coils, delivering smooth response with low distortion.

High-Frequency Drive Unit

The high-frequency drive unit incorporates a 26mm dual concentric diaphragm and wave-guide centre plug for controlled directivity and smooth, revealing upper treble.

Improved Bass Extension

The speaker is heavily braced and critically damped to enhance bass extension.


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