Krix Cyclonix 18 Subwoofer

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Krix Cyclonix 18 Subwoofer

Experience Krix's Cyclonix 18 passive subwoofer - no amplifier required. Let its high excursion bass driver in a quality MDF enclosure amplified with the Krix 'X' brace system, vibrate out resonances to fill your space with powerful sound. 

A 455mm bass driver with a 100mm voice coil, vented magnetic circuit and double spider assembly grants a strong power output. Cooling is optimised for fast heat exchange and to minimise thermal power compression. 

This dual front-vented encasement has been adjusted to obtain optimal output, thus creating an efficient subwoofer specifically designed for powerful performances. Moreover, Krix's own rubber feet contribute to acoustic isolation on both hard and soft floor surfaces. 

This subwoofer needs a dedicated amplifier to connect to the LFE output of any audio-visual processor or receiver. 

Key Features: 

Passive Subwoofer

The Cyclonix 18 is a passive subwoofer, meaning it does not have a built-in amplifier. It requires a separate power amplifier to operate. 

High Excursion Bass Driver

It is equipped with a large 455mm bass driver that has a high excursion capability, allowing it to produce deep and powerful bass frequencies. 

MDF Enclosure

The subwoofer is housed in a high-quality MDF (Medium-Density Fiberboard) enclosure, which provides structural stability and helps in reducing panel resonances. 

Krix 'X' Brace System

The subwoofer utilises the proprietary Krix 'X' brace system, which is designed to eliminate panel resonances. This enhances the overall sound quality by minimising unwanted vibrations. 

Dual Front-Vented Enclosure

The subwoofer features a dual front-vented enclosure design. This design is tuned to maximise the subwoofer's output, making it highly efficient for applications requiring high drive levels. 

Acoustic Isolation

The unit comes with proprietary Krix rubber feet, which improve acoustic isolation on both hard and soft floor surfaces. This helps in reducing vibrations and ensures cleaner, more accurate bass reproduction. 


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