Krix Cyclonix 15 Subwoofer

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Krix Cyclonix 15 Subwoofer

The Cyclonix 15 Subwoofer guarantees an intense, cinema-level bass experience in the comfort of your own home. 

Given its slim profile, Krix Cyclonix 15 can fit closely to the wall as a supportive subwoofer for a Series MX system or serve as the main subwoofer in any dedicated home theatre setup, with or without an acoustically transparent screen. 

Drawing design inspiration from the modules in the MX-20 system, the Cyclonix 15 features an optional black cloth grille instead of acoustic absorbent material on the front baffle. 

This 380mm bass driver features a 100mm edge-wound copper voice coil, dual spider assembly, and vented magnet assembly. These components, along with the front-firing vent and high-sensitivity driver, are calibrated for peak performance, making the Cyclonix 15 Subwoofer highly efficient for high power applications. Krix rubber feet are included to ensure enhanced acoustic isolation on a variety of floor surfaces. 

For optimal performance, this subwoofer requires a dedicated power amplifier connected to its LFE output, which can be linked to an AV processor or receiver. 

Key Features: 

Shallow Depth

The Cyclonix 15 Subwoofer is designed with a shallow depth, allowing it to be inconspicuously placed against a side or back wall in home cinema rooms. 

Versatile Placement

It can be used as supporting subwoofers to a Series MX system or as the main subwoofers in a dedicated home cinema system. It can be positioned behind an acoustically transparent screen or elsewhere in the room. 

Design Cues from MX-20 System

The Cyclonix 15 Subwoofer takes design inspiration from the subwoofer modules in the MX-20 system. It does not have acoustic absorbent material on the front baffle, but instead offers an optional black cloth grille. 

Large Bass Driver

It features a large 380mm (15 inches) bass driver with a 100mm edge-wound copper voice coil, dual spider assembly, and vented magnet assembly. These components contribute to its powerful bass performance. 

Front-Firing Vent and High Sensitivity

The subwoofer has a front-firing vent and a high-sensitivity driver that are specifically tuned to achieve maximum output. This tuning results in an incredibly efficient subwoofer suitable for high drive level applications. 

Improved Acoustic Isolation

The Cyclonix 15 Subwoofer comes with proprietary Krix rubber feet, which provide improved acoustic isolation on both hard and soft floor surfaces. This feature helps reduce vibrations and enhances the overall sound quality. 


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