Artnovion Lagos F Fabric Acoustic Diffuser

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Lagos Fabric is the result of extensive research into diffusion techniques – it is based on a traditional QRD diffuser, but combine varying widths with each cell depth, overcoming some of the limitations of the standard QRD diffuser.

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Colour: Black Weave
Carton Size: 4 pcs

Key features

Real-wood Acoustic Diffuser with Fabric overlay

Living room, Hi-Fi room or Home Cinema

Integrated fixing system

Easy to install

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Artnovion Lagos F Fabric Acoustic Diffuser

A discreet fabric covered diffuser that preserves all the functionality of the diffuser, whilst fitting perfectly into a continuous fabric design.

The phase grating surface of the diffuser is designed to provide a more uniform sound field through mid-high frequency diffusion. The well depths are individually tuned to enhance performance at certain frequencies, essentially increasing the effective range of the panel, without compromising the overall linear response – Lagos performs 15-20% lower with a linear frequency response.

What does it fix?

- Improving low-frequency response
- Flutter echo control
- Specular reflection control
- Enlarging sweet spot

Dimensions & Materials

Lagos F diffuser measures at 595x595x60mm per panel & is constructed of an acoustic weave fabric & a HMDF / plywood structure.

It is available in Australia in a Merrick Grey or Ink Black material weave finish.

Recommended Applications

The Lagos Diffuser is an excellent choice for your Hi-Fi listening room, media room or home cinema.

A geometric beauty designed for optimal performance, Lagos has a scattering range between 350 Hz to 6000 Hz.

Fixing systems

The Lagos diffuser is equipped with four screw receivers, making it an easy installation process, even for a novice.

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