The Classic Pack "LINTON Heritage"

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Enjoy your music with a classic look and modern sound.

You might feel like it would be impossible to get into modern hi-fi while retaining the look and feel of yesteryear, especially if you are wanting to go all-digital, lucky for you this is no longer the case! Matching the Wharfedale LINTON Heritage Speakers with the Leak Stereo 130 Integrated Amplifier and your choice of either the Leak CDT CD Transport for the full digital experience OR the Pro-Ject The Classic Evo Turntable with Ortofon 2M Black Cartridge for the full retro experience. 

Items included in the pack:

Wharfedale LINTON Heritage

With the look and feel of yesteryear but the engineering of today, there's nothing else really like the Wharfedale LINTON Heritage (outside of its little brother the Denton 85s that is). These speakers have a relaxed and laid back sound that lets you listen to them for hours and hours without feeling fatigued no matter how heavy the music. To complete the vintage look the LINTON even comes with dedicated speaker stands that are designed to hold your favourite records, the perfect home for those you keep in high rotation. These speakers really do sound every bit as classic as they look.

Leak Stereo 130

You will be hard-pressed to find an amplifier better suited to visually match the Wharfedale LINTON than the Leak Stereo 130, and that's very much by design. With both of these items coming courtesy of International Audio Group, the Stereo 130 was designed to not just match the Denton's in terms of audio signature and synergy, but also in build, sharing the same walnut timber finish (should you choose it). A detailed orientated amplifier with stunning imaging there's really nothing else on the market that looks this authentically classic while sounding so undeniably modern.

Leak CDT 

Believe it or not CDs are still pretty popular, especially among those of us who like to give our favourite artists a little extra financial support and when it comes to CD Transports the Leak CDT is one of our favourites! Being a CD Transport means that this unit doesn't have its own internal digital to analogue converter, instead relying on the fantastic one inside the 6000A in this case, which means this unit can focus exclusively on playing CDs in as higher quality as is possible. With incredible imaging and a wide soundstage, this is a hard CD Transport to beat. 

Pro-Ject Classic Evo

No analogue audio system is complete without a turntable, and you couldn't pick a more appropriate record player than Pro-Jects Classic Evo. With a brushed aluminium sub-platter and incredibly stylish walnut chassis this turntable doesn't just sound the part but looks it too. In this pack - the Classic Evo comes pre-fit with the brilliant Ortofon 2M Black Cartridge.

Pro-Ject Phono Box DS2 Phono Pre-Amplifier

Rounding out this all analogue extravaganza is the Pro-Ject Phono Box DS2 Phono Preamplifier, with visual elements of aluminium and walnut tying it aesthetically with the LINTON, Stereo 130 and The Classic Evo. In a lot of ways this unit is the glue that holds this system together both visually and audibly.