The Bases Covered Pack

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The Bases Covered Pack

The easiest way to watch movies, stream music, and listen to your records all in one place.

You might think that in order to get a decent set of speakers and a turntable up and running that you will need a dedicated amplifier with dedicated speakers, that's before even factoring in other sources such as music streaming and your television. For some of us that might not be practical, either because of price or space limitations and that's why we have put together a pack that's small, practical, easy to use, and most importantly sounds great! We call it the Bases Covered Pack, and for good reason. Through the combination of the Audio Pro A26 Powered Speakers and the Pro-Ject T1 SB Phono Turntable all of your music streaming, movies, television, and gaming, as well as record playing needs, are all looked after in one discreet package. 

Items included in the pack:

Audio Pro A26 Powered Speakers

Move over soundbars, the Audio Pro A26 Powered Speakers are here and bringing with them an experience that finally bridges the gap between quality television audio and great-sounding music. Delivering everything from ARC for easy control from your TV remote, clear sound, Multi-Room capability’s and the ability to fine-tune the speakers to your personal taste- the A26 are a fantastic all in one solution for almost any lounge or living room. These speakers also support Spotify Connect, Apple Airplay 2, and Bluetooth so all of your music streaming needs are completely catered for.

Pro-Ject T1 SB Phono Turntable

If theirs one word I would use to describe the Pro-Ject Audio T1 Phono SB Turntable it would be fun. With a quick and easy setup and phono stage built-in, there's next to no time between unboxing your new turntable and playing great music. You would be hard-pressed to find a better or easier way to get your records spinning.