T+A Hi-Fi Criterion S 2200 CTL Floorstanding Loudspeakers

Sale price$18,900.00
Colour: Oak whitewashed 95

T+A Hi-Fi Criterion S 2200 CTL Floorstanding Loudspeakers

All T+A Hi-Fi Products are built to order with a 5 - 6 Week lead time.

The S 2200 CTL is the top model, and features the largest bass drivers of the three. It demonstrates the basic principles of the CTL series in exemplary form.

Manufacturers Details:

Each model features two special bass drivers, a “wide-range” mid-range unit and a completely new type of super treble dome tweeter made of specially impregnated textile. The only differences between the three floor-standing speakers are the dimensions of their cabinets and the size of the drive units employed.

Engineered With Care:


The S 2200 CTL is a large, fully developed floor-standing transmission line speaker with a very long transmission line. Its pair of newly developed long-throw woofers, with a diameter of 22 cm, are perfectly matched to the cabinet and the resonant frequency of the transmission line. Their extremely low resonant frequency ensures that the speaker offers incredibly deep, forceful and accurate bass, while their peak handling capability is faultless even at extreme levels. They are devoid of distortion and offer a full dynamic range

Key Features:

Overall Design

These characteristics are due to the sophisticated overall design of the system: hard, embossed cones, aluminium baskets with narrow struts and very great maximum excursion, powerful magnets and large high-performance voice coils. The 15 cm mid-range driver is also a new development, and forms – in conjunction with the textile treble unit and the subtly sculpted baffle (organic baffle) – an acoustic unit which we have named CD = Constant Directivity. It is responsible for the speaker’s superlative dispersion pattern and astonishingly spacious sound.

The S 2200 CTL is effortlessly capable of processing enormously high levels, yet its refined, carefully developed design also makes it the perfect choice for reproducing the most delicate music with natural sensitivity.


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