Sanus WSS51 Sonos Five Speaker Stand

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Sanus WSS51 Sonos Five Speaker Stand

Key Details:

  • HEIGHT: 80cm
  • WIDTH: 27cm

Product Description:

Designed to hold the Sonos Five / PLAY:5 in either vertical or horizontal orientation, the anodized aluminium design of the SANUS WSS51 places your speaker at optimal listening height while perfectly complementing the modern look of the Sonos Five / PLAY:5. Available for purchase in black or white and as a single stand, the WSS51 fashionably delivers optimum performance, no matter your unique setup needs – Ambient listening, stereo pairing, or surround sound. For a seamless look free of pesky cables, our own Press Fit cable management technology secures cords down the back of the stand for complete concealment. Assembling easily and in only 15 minutes, you'll be enjoying the perfect sound from this sleek stand in no time.

Product Features: 


  1. Holds the Sonos Five / PLAY:5 in either vertical or horizontal listening orientation
  2. Holds speaker at manufacturer's recommended listening height for optimal audio performance
  3. Anodized aluminium stand construction provides both durability and style
  4. Cable-hiding, integrated wire channels provide sleek, cord-free look
  5. Included carpet spikes and rubber pads facilitate stability on any flooring surface
  6. All floor compatibility - carpet spikes and rubber pads included
  7. Adhesive strip option provides increased stand stability (Note: Adhesive strips not included with stand.)
  8. Perfect for any setup: Home theatre, stereo pairing or surround sound
  9. Heavy, low centre of gravity base allows 10 degrees of stand tip in any direction before speaker tips or falls off
  10. UL-Listed and Safety Certified


Product Brand: SANUS
Model Code: WSS51
UPC Code: 793795532329 - White
793795532305 - Black
Product Width: 10.90" / 27.69cm
Product Height: 31.50" / 80.01cm