KEF Q750 Floorstanding Speaker

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Q750 is the intermediate model for the Q Series floorstanders. Featuring the KEF signature Uni-Q driver array paired with an impressive 165mm (6.5 inch) aluminium bass driver and two matching ABRs, the Q750 delivers astonishing sonic reproduction.

An EISA award winning speaker series

Kef Q Series Eisa award

"This Q Series package delivers an outstandingly cinematic and large scale presentation (with Atmos highs) from well-built speakers."

Kef Q Uni-Q

'Sit anywhere' Uni-Q sound

The Uni-Q driver array places the tweeter in the centre of the midrange and bass cone, bringing the acoustic ideal of a single point source closer than ever. The result, enhanced by KEF's 'tangerine' waveguide over the tweeter, is a more accurate three-dimensional sound that's dispersed evenly throughout the room.

Kef Q Tweeter

Tweaking the tweeter

With the addition of the damped tweeter loading tube providing a gentle termination of sound produced from the back of the tweeter, lower treble performance is improved dramatically and a new low-distortion inductor on the crossover provides cleaner bass.

Kef Q Series Driver

A word about drums & bass

The Q Series reproduces the nuances of bass instruments with ease. With a larger roll surround and new suspension KEF drivers produce cleaner bass at high volumes.

Kef Q series bass port

A new cone structure improves midrange clarity and an enhanced Auxiliary Bass Radiator (ABR) with a new surround and rear suspension enhances bass quality.

Kef Q series cabinet

New cabinetry design

Putting the Uni-Q driver in its own sealed cabinet reduces the load on the cone and increases clarity and detail while delivering cleaner bass. Midrange clarity is enhanced by driver improvements that mean the DC blocking capacitor to be eliminated from the crossover, allowing a more natural roll-off between drivers.

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