Flexson SONOS Beam / Playbar & 43" to 65" TV Cantilever Bracket

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Flexson SONOS Beam / Playbar & 43" to 65" TV Cantilever Bracket

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Why are we always having to furnish our homes around bulky, awkward and ultimately outdated entertainment units? What’s so smart about that? Nothing. Instead, let’s help free your home from the clutter of old furnishings with a FLEXSON Cantilever Mount for your TV & SONOS BEAM or PLAYBAR. Open up your home, elevate its look to even greater heights and get back that lost space. It’s not rocket science; it’s just smart-home thinking for smart speaker owners. 

FLEXSON understands that no two rooms are the same. So the TV & BEAM / PLAYBAR Cantilever Bracket – while securely holding both your TV and BEAM in place – also includes our highly flexible tilting mechanism (0-20°  degrees down) with left and right swivel (90° left, 90° right). So whether it requires corner mounting or extra elevation, you’ll never stretch your neck nor miss a second of the action. With two variations available - you can choose for TV compatibility up to 43” and weighing in at up to 20kg, or up to 65" and weighing up to 40kg. And because we think your wireless speakers should be truly wireless, unsightly tangles and cable ties are a thing of the past thanks to our discrete cable routing. 

We also understand that buying online makes piece of mind important. That means zero hiccups when FLEXSON brackets arrive at your home. Taking this into account, they’ve designed each FLEXSON mount in the UK to exactly match the size, style, and colour of your beautiful SONOS speaker. And because we want you up and running fast, and entirely stress-free, they’ve precision-engineered each piece for simple installation, provided a step by step instruction guide, and included all the fixing hardware for you. Helping you get it right, the first time.

So give your home the contemporary touch its been missing, and finish the look with FLEXSON today. Because smart speaker owners deserve intelligent audio furnishings. You really do. 

sonos beam tv bracket


This premium mount – precision made in the UK – securely holds both your TV and Sonos Beam or Playbar, and allows the unified pair to tilt and swivel to the ideal viewing/listening position. Ideal fo small, medium and large TVs depending on the bracket you choose– it can hold flat screens from 40in up to 65in – the Flexson Cantilever Mount gives you superb flexibility of where to position your TV and Sonos soundbar. For example, it’s a perfect solution for tricky corner placements where other mounts could struggle. 

  • Easily position your TV and Sonos Beam / Playbar to the optimal viewing angle; ideal for corner room placement.
  • Can swivel up to 180° (90° left, 90° right)
  • Can tilt 20° down, subject to TV size.
  • VESA Compatibility up to 200 x 200 (for the smaller version) or, from 200 x 100 up to 600 x 400 (for the larger bracket)
  • Suitable for up to 43” TVs, weighing up to 20Kg, or 65" TV's weighing up to 40kg
  • Designed and manufactured in the UK