Davone Mojo 360 Degree Speakers (Pair)

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Davone Mojo 360 Degree Speakers

Just 30 centimeter tall, the Mojo has a habit of defying expectations. With 360 degrees dispersion of sound over the entire frequency range, the Mojo projects a tangible soundstage that presents music with startling presence.

Manufacturers Details: 

Position it with care and the Mojo will simply put you inside the recording venue. Movie fans have certainly discovered these qualities of the Mojo. Without the complications of multichannel sound, the Mojo makes watching movies a truly immersive experience.

Engineered With Care:

Omni directional sound

Through careful acoustic design of cabinet shape, dispersion cone, drivers and cross over, the Mojo obtains 360° dispersion throughout the whole frequency range


Mojo uses a subwoofer optimized for low frequency reproduction. Mounted invisible in the bottom, it supports the upward firing 3" wideband tweeter below 200Hz

Hand build in Denmark

Build by hand in the for Denmark typical small scale production adds a personal touch to each loudspeaker


The elaborate 12 part cross-over in the Mojo ensures the 360° throughout the entire frequency range in the horizontal plane.


Frequency response 50 - 20.000 Hz
Impedance 4 ohm, 2.6 ohm minimum at 55Hz
Sensitivity 86 dB/2,83V/m
Recommended Amplifer power 50-100 Watt
SubWoofer 5 1/4” subwoofer, Xmax 22mm peak-peak
Tweeter 3” paper membrane, neodymium magnet
Cross over 200 Hz
System Bass reflex
Cabinet Construction 6 layer vacuum shaped plywood
Weight 4.5kg / piece
Height / Width / Depth 30 / 26 / 26 cm