Clearaudio Tracer Tonearm

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Clearaudio Tracer Tonearm

Elegance meets ease

Minimalist in design, grandiose in effect.

Manufacturers Details:

The Tracer radial tonearm may look beautifully minimalistic, yet  beneath its sleek design you’ll find a wealth of workmanship and a raft of smart details.

    Engineered With Care:

    Drawing on engineering tricks from the finest watchmakers, it features a high-precision, lowfriction jeweled bearing, judiciously crafted from tungsten and sapphire. The carbon tonearm tube is both extremely rigid and very lightweight, giving a perfect combination of stability and agility. What’s more, the Tracer’s elegance does not come at the expense of usability – on the contrary.

    Key Features:

    The anti-skating force is effortlessly adjustable by way of a simple dial within perfect reach, while the aluminium headshell allows the azimuth to be easily fine-tuned. The counter-weight is underslung providing an optimal centre of gravity and allowing straightforward adjustment of the tracking force.


    CONSTRUCTION DETAILS: Radial tonearm with horizontal sapphire bearing and vertically ball bearing. Fine adjustment of the azimuth. Available in black or silver carbon with matching aluminium parts.
    CARTRIDGE BALANCE RANGE: 3 gram – 17 gram
    OVERHANG: 16.935 mm
    OFFSET ANGLE: 25.54 °
    WIRING: Clearaudio Sixtream Super Wire (1.1m)
    terminated with RCA plug
    MOUNTING STYLE: Clearaudio (diameter of bore 24.85 mm)
    TOTAL WEIGHT: 363 gram (incl. counter weight)
    WARRANTY: 3 years*
    * Provided the warranty card is fully completed and returned to Clearaudio within 2 weeks of purchase.