Audio Pro A36 Wireless Home Theatre Pack

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Audio Pro A36 Wireless Home Theatre Pack

Have you ever wanted to have a home theatre but don't want to have to deal with all of the complications of an AV Receiver or wires? Now thanks to the Audio Pro A36 Wireless Home Theatre Pack you can! This 2.1 Speaker pack contains the Audio Pro A36 Powered Floorstanding Speakers, featuring HDMI inputs to easily connect them to your television as well as Spotify Connect for easy access to music streaming. The upgrade from the A26 bookshelf speakers also comes with the advantages of more solid bass and more clarity in the top and middle range. It also contains the Audio Pro Addon C-SUB wireless Subwoofer ensuring the most cinematic presentation possible. A simple and elegant, but versatile solution for your home theatre needs.

Items included in the pack:

Audio Pro A36 Powered Speakers

Move over soundbars, the Audio Pro A36 Active Speakers are here to deliver full-bodied, open and spacious sound stage for TV and Film as well as delivering great-sound for music playback. Function wise they Deliver everything from Midnight Mode for quiet listening, ARC for easy volume control from your TV remote, multiroom functionality and the ability to fine-tune the speakers to your personal taste- the A36 are a fantastic all in one solution over a Soundbar and or a very clutter-free Stereo system.

Audio Pro Addon C-SUB multi-room Subwoofer

The wireless Addon C-SUB multiroom subwoofer is distinctively small, but delivers a massive punch that you really can feel. It’s a perfect 23cm cube of heart-pounding, definitive bass enjoyment. Wireless auto connect to the nearest Audio Pro multiroom speaker, or play old school with cable. Easy to place, easy to love. More bass to your music, with less wire clutter.