Audio Pro A26 Powered / Active Multi-room Speaker Pair

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Audio Pro A26 Powered Speakers

LENC's Review:

Move over soundbars, the Audio Pro A26 Powered Speakers are here and bringing with them an experience that finally bridges the gap between quality television audio and great-sounding music. Delivering everything from ARC for easy control from your TV remote, clear sound, Multi-Room capability’s and the ability to fine-tune the speakers to your personal taste- the A26 are a fantastic all in one solution for almost any lounge or living room.

Check out our in-depth video review of the Audio Pro A26!

Manufacturers Details:

The Audio Pro A26 contains a Digital Class D amplifier feeding the 2 72W speakers. With a 1" textile dome tweeter and a 4.5" woofer these speakers have a surprisingly punchy sound that's sure to catch you off guard on first listen.

Curious about what's in the box? Check out our unboxing video!

Engineered With Care:

Simple to set up and operate while also being a joy to listen to, the A26 has connectivity for all your listening sources including Bluetooth standard 5.0 with apt X® Low Latency codec, an analog media input (3.5mm mini-jack), TOSLink optical digital (PCM Only) and ARC/TV (PCM Only). You can even enjoy Spotify Connect and Apple Airplay 2 directly over your WiFi!

Who Are These Speakers For?

Anyone looking to seamlessly jump between television/movie experiences and music through a singular system while maintaining balanced audio for both media types.

Key Features:

  • Available in both black and white.
  • Fine-tune to your audio preferences through the Audio Pro App.
  • Remote milled out of a solid block of aluminum.
  • Multiroom Audio with Audio Pro C Series

Pair This With:

For a fuller experience in the lounge-room, the A26 match perfectly with the Audio Pro Addon C-SUB for some extra punch during movies and or music tracks that dig deep. If having your music follow you throughout your home is more your thing you can also easily pair the A26 with the Audio Pro C3 Battery Powered Multiroom and Bluetooth Speaker, Audio Pro Addon C5, Audio Pro Addon C5A and Audio Pro Addon C10. The A26 also pair fantastically with the Pro-Ject Audio T1 Phono SB Turntable if you are looking at just getting started with records OR if you are returning to vinyl after rediscovering your old collection.

Manufacturers Warranty:

Audio Pro A26 Warranty - All products, excluding accessories, are covered by warranty for 2 years from the date of purchase. Find out more here.


Amplifier Class: CD
Power: 40w
Analogue Inputs
3.5 mm: 1
Phono: None
RCA: None
XLR: None
Analogue Outputs
Headphones: None
Pre: None
Sub: 1
Tape: None
Digital Inputs
Coaxial: None
Optical: 1
PC-USB: None