Rega Ania MC Cartridge


The Ania was inspired by the success of our Apheta and Aphelion MC models.

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Key features

Elliptical profile stylus

High-power Neodymium magnets

1.75 - 2 g Tracking Force

Moving Coil Design

Aluminium cantilever


Rega Ania MC Cartridge

Rega’s Moving Coil cartridge design is unique in its approach to achieving an ultra-low mass generator which is undamped (no tie wire) using a unique rhomboid pivot for the cantilever powered by a purpose designed, exclusive to Rega, Neodymium magnet system.

This type of design requires a zero-tolerance engineered cartridge body which is Rega’s area of expertise and with the Apheta 3 and Aphelion 2 products these bodies are machined from one piece of the highest quality aluminium.

This is a difficult and expensive process requiring all of Rega’s years of experience to achieve. In particular, the “zero” tolerancing of the body is required in the alignment and dimension of the pivot pad mounting hole and the magnet mechanism mounting hole relationship.

Exceptional Build Quality

The Ania's body is crafted from a unique PPS-Fortron polymer/glass combination, offering the hardness and stability necessary for high performance.

This material, with 40% glass content, ensures precision and durability, critical for maintaining performance over time.

Precision Engineering

Rega's expertise in zero-tolerance engineering is evident in the Ania's design.

The cartridge body is machined from a single piece of high-quality aluminium, ensuring perfect alignment and dimension critical for optimal performance.

Unique Neodymium Magnet System

The Ania features a super high-powered neodymium magnet and a coil meticulously hand-wound on an iron micro cross.

This innovative design allows for greater freedom in tracking the vinyl groove, extracting even more detail from your records.

Ease of Use and Maintenance

The Ania comes with a clear rigid cover to protect the internal fine wires, making handling and fitting safe and risk-free.

Additionally, the cartridge is backed by a lifetime warranty against manufacturing defects, providing peace of mind to the user.

Market-Leading Performance

Combining the special PPS body with its high-spec stainless steel inserts, a unique rhomboid pivot system, and a high-performance diamond-tipped elliptical stylus cantilever, the Ania offers unparalleled musicality, speed, clarity, and detail at its price point, setting a new standard in moving coil cartridges.

Rega Ania MC Cartridge
The Ania delivers a huge, effortlessly three-dimensional performance


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