Davone Speakers | High-End Sound Quality & Classic Danish Design

Davone Audio Speakers

As you may have guessed by their classic and elegant Scandinavian design, Davone is a Danish-based high-end loudspeaker designer focused on world-class design principles matched with outstanding sound quality and performance.

Proudly based and built 20km north of Copenhagen in Værløse, Denmark since their inception in 2007 - Davone speakers are still manufactured on a small scale to maintain their rigorous standards and attention to detail.

Davone loudspeakers are a true representation of its founder's passions, Paul Schenkel, who is an aeronautical engineer with a masters degree in physics, a professional background in acoustics and a deep passion for mid-century design and architecture.

The Davone Audio range has been purposefully limited to keep a laser focus on their high-end speaker sound and design principles, as well as allow them the space and resources to experiment and continuously improve their processes. In everything that Davone does, their driving goal is to create speakers that match breathtaking Danish design with class-leading sound quality so you can enjoy every second of your favourite music.

We are proud to range a number of Davone loudspeakers here at Living Entertainment including their highly-regarded Solo, Ray, Twist, Studio and Mojo models.

Finally - from the mouth of Davone Audio Founder Paul Schenkel himself - "We are continuously working on improving the sound quality, the design and the combination of these two. The famous words from Massimo Vignelli really resonated with me: "the life of a designer is a life of fight: a fight against the ugliness". Sure, a tad dramatic. But still, Davone is my breath of fresh air in the monochromatic square reality of today"

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